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Polished Skilled Staff for Catering and All Occasion Service

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Staffing for the Food & Beverage Industry - Serving the Entire Bay Area



Thanks for the great service, all the staff that you provided for this event were top notch.  They were very professional and needed very little guidance.  I would recommend them to any other Guckenheimer unit for their staffing needs.  Also, when I request staffing needs I would like one of them again.  They did a great job and helped us have a great event on Thursday.
Chef Rick

We were very pleased with your staff. They were outstanding in every way and were a key part of making our wedding a huge success. Please convey to them how much we appreciate their help. In addition, we have had many positive comments from guests and family members including our event coordinator. You guys rock! Many thanks and best regards.
Art and Margaret Friedman

Hi Colleen,
Another great event. Thanks to you and your crew. All of whom were appreciated. I think overall it was a super event. Thanks again.

Hi Colleen,
Thanks for Saturday's efforts. It was a smashing success. I appreciate all your help. Looking forward to the next time.

Hi Colleen!
I would like to say thank you for all the help and the great staff you have been sending us over the past few months. Yesterday's event went wonderfully! And yesterday, the Chef you sent, Bill .... he made quite an impression on my crew. Basically, the staff you have sent over worked their hearts out, and I'm grateful for the awesome job each of them have done.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dear Miss Colleen,
You are the one who is fantastic. Your strength in the face of adversity is tremendous!Take care.

Colleen, you are a God. In all sincerity Thank you, so very much for your loyalty in bringing staff {a great team of staff} together for our holiday functions. We truly know how last minute it was, yet you rose to the occasion and every one of the staff were able to put up with me and my attention to detail {they all treat me so great I didn't want one of them to leave}. The bartenders were incredible. Sue and the others ladies were true angels {great team players}. Again please thank your team. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Thank you for sending a very professional team. They were very detailed and kept busy.The catering customer noticed as well. Thanks again.
Kathy, General Manager, Eurest Thompson Services

Dear Colleen,
You and your team did a outstanding job for our board meeting at SAP. The great news is, SAP board members had made a decision, next year the board meeting will be held at SAP Palo Alto site again! They said they had great memories last week and love to come back next year. Is this great news? When SAP managers greeted me and said thanks to our team this morning, I would like to say thanks to you and your stuff. Thanks again.

I just wanted to let you know what a GREAT JOB your staff did for me on Tuesday. I got lot's compliments about the "attentive service" from the guests. My client said at the end of the dinner that, now she understands how hiring professionals makes all the difference in the world. Thanks again for sending me the best, they did a wonderful job!

My Western Regional General Manager was here recently for one of our catering functions that we where using your staff and he was quite impressed with there level of professionalism and appearance. He stated that even with the higher cost of labor to use temp staffing, that he wanted your staff to be used at all our functions in the future.
Tony Green, General Manager, Ovations Fanfare San Mateo Event Center

Dear Colleen,
I wanted to send a quick note about my function for 2,400 people this evening. From the very start everything was fabulous ! The staffing was impeccable. The people you sent me were totally hard working and professional. Cesar and John did a terrific job directing them and getting everything set up in a prompt and timely fashion. Working with you is such a tension reliever, I can always count on you to assist me with large functions or with something as simple as needing a dishwasher at the very last minute ! I really appreciate your business and look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you very much again,
Amy Ford at Guckenheimer

Morning Colleen,
Thank you very much for sending such a talented staff. The event was a huge success. Thanks to you and my staff Eurest shined on yesterday's event. Please send an invoice as soon as you can. I would like to submit payment for your services as soon as possible. Have a great holiday weekend!
SVB Financial Group

I wanted to take a moment to sing the praises of David, Rudy and Brenda (and the rest of the onsite catering staff) for their recent work on behalf of the Hospira Solution Center. Their professionalism, attention to detail and quick on their feet adapting to last minute changes has made each event a success. Rudy has done a great job with the meals; we've had many happy customer raves. Brenda has been great to work with; setting up eye catching displays, stealth service refreshing of the beverages, and her service during lunches has been top notch. David has gone over and above in his desire to make each event special. Providing tasting opportunities as we venture off the standard menu, special desserts (he provided a birthday cake on short notice for one of our guests), and a host of other details that to the guests may go unnoticed yet make for a richer experience. I look forward to working with all of them again as we continue to bring customers in to the Solution Center. Regards,
Claudia Smurthwaitem, Solution Center Coordinator

Good Morning to All,
This email is going to be a little lengthy but necessary! When David Cash called and asked me to support EMC and the two catered events, I was up for the challenge. I knew that I would be able to do the job, because I have a great village to help me succeed. I have never had so many people give me the "can do attitude" when I called for help! I must share the great vendor support that we had. Sally Andrade at Posh came to my rescue creating a dessert menu that the client specifically requested. All five items that the client wanted, weren't available from the bakery. She met with me, listened to my suggestions, sampled me with the bakers creations and delivered the product perfectly! Now here is the over and above that Sally & Crystal her assistant did: they both came to Pleasanton in 100 degree heat, setup the dessert table and served through the event! WOW! Thank you Sally! David Andrasko came to my rescue with a connection to a new vendor that we only have in one of our accounts. Deanna Dresti helped me get connected to the new accounts team at United Natural Foods in Rocklin. In a very short time (3 days) I had an order delivered Tropical Fruit Bars to EMC. What normally would take 10 to 14 days to set up a new account was magically done without a glitch! Thank you Deanna & David! Jerry Messerschmidt at HP Cupertino and his staff came to the rescue with the production and delivery of 600 Tropical Tofu Skewers. I can't imagine having to produce and store those skewers, Jerry. Thank you for your patience and can do attitude in a time of real need. You and yours did an outstanding job! Oh! And thanks for the use of the ice cream freezer as well! Saul at Alza let go of his right hand man and shared Hector with me and EMC for what proved to be a very big challenge. Hector took charge of the two day food productions for the offsite in Pleasanton. I was very nervous about the food safety. I knew that Hector would put forward all of Sodexho's standards and assure that the guests would eat safe BBQ! I thank you both very much. Saul for giving up a main spoke in your wheel, and Hector for your patience in working with a staff you didn't know, and the peace of mind that you gave me with the offsite event. You did an outstanding job. Hector you are an asset to Alza and a great example of our Spirit of Employee Excellence. Thank you Saul and Hector! James Fuller at Nortel, thank you for allowing Harry from Pacific Wine and Spirits to store beer in your walk-in for a couple of days. It really took a load off Harry in his coordinating of the beverage service for both events. Colleen and Oscar with Advanced Staffing, provided me with great staffing for the offsite in Pleasanton. Thank you Colleen for always taking care of these large events with qualified staff that meets our needs. It is always a pleasure working with you and your staff. Christine West, thank you for taking the reigns at EMC and allowing Ken and I to focus on the BBQ's. I know that you were not feeling your best, but no one would have known! Thank you! AAbco rentals went way above my expectations. They proved to be the best rental company for our client. The last minute changes that the client made were daily. They came through with the additions and set up and broke down with little effort. Thank you! I told you that this was going to be a long email. Do you see the huge village of people that came into play? It turned out to be a show of how Sodexho stepped up to bat and hit a couple of home runs. I'm so very proud to work with a great team of Sodexho employees and Vendors. THANK YOU ALL!

Thank you Colleen for the wonderful service you provide for us. I have worked in a few cafes the past two months and have worked with some of your employees. They have all been quite professional and very competent. Thank you again,
Nadine Mattier

Dear Cesar, John, and Colleen,
The quality of service and professionalism that your company provided to my event on September 18, 2006 was outstanding. I have high expectations at every event and this by far was the BEST service that I have ever received. The staff was able to accommodate every little request that my client made and they did it with a smile. Please pass on my comments to the entire team at my event. Regards,
Celeste Price, Food Service Manager, Guckenheimer

As always, excellent service. Manuel is wonderful. Thank you.

Hello Colleen,
Thanks for the Invoice. Yes the staff yesterday was awesome. Not one of them complained about anything. They were not only professional, they were very polite in there yes and no responses {when asked by patrons for more of a product} our meeting planners liked them as well. Also Jesse {my boss} liked how well groomed they were in uniform and on time. Thank you so much for your attention to detail. You made our Presidents Event a great success.

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Polished Skilled Staff for Catering and All Occasion Service - Kitchen and Waitstaff - Executive Chefs, Exhibition Chefs, Sous Chefs, Line Cooks, Grill Cooks, Dishwashers, Catering Prep, Pantry, Bakers, Utility Staff, Elegant Fine Dining, Plated Sit Downs, Catering Delivery, Attendants, Buffet Set Up, Buffet Service, Food Stations, Bartenders, Barbeques, Cashiers

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